Download Etchasoft Reports

A little about the FastReport, data sources and reports without database queries on a specific example Many people do not know firsthand that the creation of reports in Directum RX is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Often, trivial task can turn into a whole ordeal because of the wrong approach chosen to fill the […]

MPC Music Creator

MPC Music Creator Electronic music gets closer MPC Music Creator – an entertaining Android app from the studio IBERIAN GAMES PUBLISHER , which is based on electronic motifs, and interaction with them takes place in two different scenarios. So, after the start of the project the user is asked to choose from two options – […]

Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook for Windows

Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook for Windows Softonic review Recover passwords from email accounts and Outlook PST files Author’s review Password Recovery ToolBox for Outlook is a utility for recovering forgotten or lost passwords to e-mail accounts and accounts of LDAP services used by Microsoft Outlook. The program also recovers passwords to password-protected Outlook data […]

Download Internet Explorer

Download Internet Explorer Internet Explorer – The final version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7. Version with English interface significantly improved performance support for the latest web technologies spell checker to automatically correct input in web form text ability to block user tracking via DNT (Do Not track) small changes in the interface. Mozilla […]

Download Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers

Download Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers window .__ CONFIG__ = < statistics, < enabled, true, google, < enabled, true, trackingIDcatalog, UA-16117929 -1 , trackingIDcommon , UA-58593486-1 , experimentScript , null, cxApiDomain , null>, yandex , < enabled , true, counterId , 1347623 , url , https,// >, defaults , < category , website , label , […]

ZOOM free download on your computer

ZOOM free download on your computer ZOOM Cloud Meetings -. Perfect solution for video conferencing between the 100 participants in one chat This application allows to organize video conferencing from any device at any access point in HD-quality, with the ability to display the demonstration, sharing content, communication in group and private chats, as well […]

Download PhotoUpLink for Aperture

An experiment with managers pictures in Ubuntu I am a passionate photographer and works closely with the tools available in Mac OS X, such as Aperture and Photoshop My experiment mainly concerns Aperture,. Does Ubuntu available cross-platform tools, replacing the Aperture, which I can use in Mac OS X, and Ubuntu The hypothesis, When I […]

youtube Downloader

Youtube Downloader Convert & Download Youtube videos in MP4 or MP3 format free of charge from our Youtube Downloader Best Youtube Downloader Free YouTube downloaders will allow you to save videos from the world’s largest video sharing site, which you can watch offline later when you want. Quick and easy to use This website is […]

Now nazyvaetsyaengWord program

The program is now called engWord Windows Word – a program to work with all formats of text documents, even including PDF. Virtually any modern profession is not without working with text files. Doctors, salesmen, teachers, teacher – all of these people from time to time faced with the fact that they have to handle […]

War in a Box

The War in the box. Paper tanks The main Your task in the game will withstand the onslaught of the enemy forces of the enemy, which will be repeatedly rolled on your fortifications. Before the start of the next mission, should be placed on the firing positions, various tools, nezabyvaya at the same time during […]

Word Converter (

Converter Word (.docx) in PDF format – Coolmuster Word to PDF Converter 2.1.7 RePack by vovava Converter Word (.docx) in PDF format – Coolmuster Word to PDF Converter 2.1.7 RePack by vovava Coolmuster Word to PDF Converter – this is a great tool to convert Word files (.docx) in PDF format, to facilitate editing and […]

Download Turgs ZDB Wizard

Wizard 1) Many consider the «Wizard» as the German answer «Manowar», and to some extent this is true. Preachers labor metal from Bocholt started its activities in 1989. Creator of the team is the drummer Snoppi Denn, first two years of shuffling the composition, while not achieve the desired result. As a result, in 1991, […]

Light Image Resizer free download in English

Light Image Resizer free download on English Light Image Resizer – free software to resize graphic images and photos, as well as convert them to various formats The issue before us converter help. quickly and easily resize images and convert it to the desired format. Supports tiff, jpeg, bmp, gif, png, raw, format digital cameras […]

interface eCPRI

Interface eCPRI Introduction The fierce competition between mobile operators pushing them to update the base station subsystems c to provide higher data rates and provide higher-quality services. Internet traffic, especially video traffic (YouTube, VK, NetFlix …) is growing. To meet the needs of users, mobile operators should provide the market more and more competitive solutions. […]

Download Disk Inventory X

DaisyDisk Information Description Get a visual breakdown of the used space on the disk in the form of an interactive map, identify the largest unused files and remove them using a simple drag and drop. Find out what is hidden in the category Other in the store, and clean it. Free up disk space by […]

TeraBox (Dubox) download to PC, iOS, and Android

TeraBox (Dubox) download to PC, iOS, and Android TeraBox (Dubox) – free cloud storage, which currently allocates 1 TB (1000 GB) of memory for each new registered user. Service allows you to store more than 300,000 photographs, 250 films and more than 6.5 million pages of documents. Download TeraBox (Dubox) For a computer At the […]

Video to GIF Converter

Video to GIF Converter Create your own animation from video Video to GIF Converter Spend a lot of time on social networks, chat rooms or on different forums? A possible run your blog or my column to Learn? Then you know the feeling when you want to express their emotions, and suitable smiley can not […]

PdfFactory Pro for Windows

pdfFactory Pro for Windows pdfFactory Pro – simple and easy to use software to create PDF documents. The program is installed in the system as a printer driver through which occurs the creation of PDF documents. Create PDF in any program where printing is supported. Just go to File -. Print instead of the printer […]