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Aristocrats Are Evil

Uploader: Samuktilar 3 years ago  
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Certainly it would not have been to far fetched to simply add a continuation of the original.. In Fushigi Yuugi , the Emperor of Kutou is a bloodthirsty gloryhound, rules with an iron fist, does nothing to help the poorer citizens of Kutou, and repeatedly rapes an eleven-year-old boy who grows up to be the Big Bad Nakago. Other and Multiple Types. To be fair, his trafficking in slaves, smuggling gems, and hiring pirates don't make him any worse than most nobles in Amn, but orchestrating an assault on the De'Arnise Keep to kill Lord De'Arnise, then attempting to force De'Arnise's only daughter into a marriage with Roenall's son so the Roenalls can claim the De'Arnise wealth and lands does push it a little.


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