Brawl Stars free download on PC

Brawl Stars free download on the PC Brawl Stars -. Steepest MOBA in real time with interesting modes, a variety of cards and unusual characters on the right game is considered a hit Supercell and occupies the first position in popularity among online multiplayer battles. Interactive elements, good management, a variety of game modes and […]

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Getting information about the version of the browser For information on the version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer, – launch the browser Internet Explorer, – click on Tools in the upper right corner of the browser window, and then select About programĀ», If your version of Internet Explorer lower than the […]

Adding support for USB-drive in MS-DOS

Adding support for USB-drive in MS-DOS In his spare time, I decided to try to have USB support in MS-DOS environment. I just wondered if I could use the normal flash drive for data exchange with its retro-PC or not. With Windows 9x it was very simple. DOS – is, of course, ancient operating system, […]

Download Update for Windows 7

Download Update for Windows 7 In this we have tried to gather the material needed shortcuts to the Windows 7 upgrade, which we had to face. Most updates also reuploaded on Yandex Disk because Microsoft stopped support for this operating system, began to clean up the update data from your own site. Also, for each […]

Download LUNAphone Softphone Dialer

Download LUNAphone Softphone Dialer Phone Plus – personalization of incoming and outgoing calls, manage contacts, as well as backup and synchronization data (if you only need to display a contact in full screen, place the 1.6.3 or greater the earlier version) Functionality,. – caller ID – contact’s photo on the full screen – Set an […]

Microsoft Word 2020 torrent download

Microsoft Word 2020 download torrent It is impossible to imagine any modern office without a computer and a text editor on it. Progress does not stand still, and every year the creators of the top programs released enhanced versions of previous developments. At this time the developers are not left unattended famous multifunctional text editor […]

Bitdefender Antivieng Plus 2020

Bitdefender Antivieng Plus 2020 Program Description Bitdefender Antivieng Plus 2018, Bitdefender Antivieng Plus – protect against viruses, spyware, and attempts to identity theft data. In addition, antivirus protects user accounts on Twitter and Facebook links to malicious Web pages and from privacy threats. This antivirus provides a special kind of quiet protection from the autopilot. […]

Download Open Yahtzee

Download Open Yahtzee Today we are pleased to announce the release OpenIV 4.0.1, a small update aimed at improving support for games and stability. Installing and Upgrading In this issue, we begin to implement the new installation and upgrade OpenIV system. Here are the first changes we have implemented, Reduce the size of the installation […]

Super DVD Creator download

Super DVD Creator download Super DVD Creator -. A simple functional program to convert video, burn CDs, and various manipulation with video downloaded with Super DVD Creator The program allows you to convert DVD and video formats to handle more than one hundred. Download Super DVD Creator free – is to get a professional set […]

video converter

Video Converter MediaHuman Video Converter is designed to make your life easier when you need to convert video from one format to another. Or change its quality and size to save storage space on the mobile device. Our universal video converter supports most common video formats such as, AVI, Digital Video, DVD Video, Flash Video […]

Games for Windows – Live on Windows 8

Games for Windows – Live on Windows 8 This guide is written to help those who do not run Games for Windows – Live on Windows 8 So, first you need. uninstall the previous version of Games for Windows Live , to this, 1. Go to the Control Panel . 2. Select the Programs, Uninstall […]

AD Sound Recorder 5

AD Sound Recorder 5.5 RePack by elchupakabra (2013) Multi / English Version of the program, 5.5 Official site, link Language interface , English Treatment, not required Description, AD Sound Recorder – a small program for recording audio. AD Sound Recorder supports five kinds zukovyh files – WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC. With AD Sound Recorder […]

corel MediaOne

Corel MediaOne Software / Audio & Multimedia / Miscellaneous / Corel MediaOne For downloading will be given a link to the distribution of the program on the website of the developer. Overview of Corel MediaOne (automatic translation) Corel MediaOne Plus is your electronic photo albums, as well as a convenient organizer for your image and […]

XML Copy Editor v1

XML Copy Editor v1.2.1.3 Easy-to-use program with support for English interface, the name of which it is already clear that it will allow you to keep editing the XML document type (can also work with XSL, XTM and RNG) if you’re interested, then the download XML Copy Editor can be in the full news. the […]

Handy Backup for Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

Handy Backup for Windows 7 (32/64 bit) Handy Backup for Windows 7 – a program with which it is possible to backup files, system registry, websites, installed applications, e-mail. Backing up to removable media, is mounted in an image is loaded into the network to the server. Utility can encrypt files. There is a user-friendly […]

AutoRuns – for windows (in English)

AutoRuns 13.98 – for the windows (in English) I want to introduce you to a very useful program AutoRuns, but before continuing I want to clarify that it is running in windows 10 and other minor revisions. Moreover, the program is translated into English, which means that it will be easier to understand. I think […]

Programming in BASIC for, Android

Programming in BASIC for Android It so happened that at work I often have to sling ink programki. And so it has turned out that the first and really the only programming language I really know -. This BASIC Someone is going to say Fu-oo-oo BASIC Fu-oo-oo. The moral and ethical aspect of using BASIC, […]

Download Arena of Arrow-3v3MOBA Game on android 3

Download Arena of Arrow-3v3MOBA Game on android 3.4.0 Arena of Arrow-3v3MOBA Game – this is an impressive mobile battle taking place in real time. The player must choose his hero, and with it go through these exciting adventures. Immediately choose for themselves one of the hero, with whom he will be able to pass these […]

sepia Tears

Sepia Tears We have to ask you to register on our website for links to download. Or you can enter if you are already registered. Why did it happen We also suggest,? This is a wonderful thing, I tell those who have not yet played in it and who it intends to do. Come this […]