YouTube Downloader for Windows

YouTube Downloader for Windows

YouTube Downloader – a program that allows you to download YouTube videos for free Easy to install and use, runs on Windows (XP or later).. Is able to save any video in its original or amended as.

functional YouTube Downloader

The program allows you to download videos from YouTube and many other popular media services (Facebook, Yahoo Video, Google Video, etc.) . The user can select the file format and quality. Main features of the application,

  • • choice of the optimal video resolution when downloading,
  • • loading rollers with YouTube separately and entire playlists,
  • • convert to AVI, MP4, MPEG and FLV,
  • • to download the video larger,
  • • download files in high quality (from HD 720p and 1080p up to 8K UHD) ,
  • • view your uploaded video in the embedded player,
  • • Unicode support that recognizes Cyrillic, Chinese and Japanese characters.

YouTube Downloader supports extensions for all major browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer), and allows you to use them to download videos even with restricted access. There is a paid version with advanced functionality.

Installing and using

The program requires no installation on your computer during the installation prompts you to download additional software. If the user is not interested, he can remove the check mark and abandon its application. The procedure for downloading video via YouTube Downloader,

  1. 1. Finding video,
  2. 2. Copy the link,
  3. 3. Insert links to Video URL field,
  4. 4. Clicking on the Download ( «Upload»).
  5. The application has an intuitive interface that is easy to understand even nerusifitsirovannyh versions.

    Benefits of YouTube Downloader

    Low system requirements make possible the application on any computer. Supported file formats that are compatible with mobile devices, lets you view downloaded media content on smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad iTunes and PSP). Among YouTube Downloader advantages,

    • • spread under a free license,
    • • lack of advertising, and built potentially dangerous objects,
    • • not required registration using,
    • • availability of English version,
    • • high speed,
    • • the possibility to download videos in any folder on your computer, a USB flash drive or mobile device.

    Last update YouTube Downloader was released in 2017. It fixes some bugs of previous versions and improved functionality.