TwistedBengh Studio

TwistedBengh Studio

The figure – TwistedBengh Studio v 17.24 (2003 – 2011). Interface and a certificate – in English. language. Weight 53 MB. Free program.
Works in Windows NT / XP / Vista / Windows 7 systems, 8, 10 ..
Author, Pixarra

The main function of the editor – painting brushes (bitmap drawing).. TwistedBengh Studio has a very large set of custom brushes and painting techniques. In this case, the full version of the editor (TwistedBengh Pro Studio 20 Ful) and low weight (in MB) is not inferior, and for some items, and superior big programs for drawing such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter.

A family of software TwistedBengh products specializes in tools for the artist.

TwistedBengh fully supports transparency and levels with all the standard modes of level mixing, plus there are many unique mixing modes that can not be found anywhere else.

Extensive support for masks and selection of areas of the image. Use the tool Magic Wand with a wide range of options for creating masks or use, as well as a concealer brush to paint your masks.

With simulating brushes included in TwistedBengh Pro, you can do all the standard action simulation for a photo touchup or convert your photos in the form of paintings or drawings

Tracing -. a reference picture, which allows you to see another image below your current image. Reference pattern is used when necessary to determine the proportions, the location of the picture elements and simulating the application brushes.
There are more than 40 guides, by

simple nets (with the attraction to the grids) to sophisticated three-dimensional perspective, all the reference pattern may be laminated together with 8 active directories and anytime. In addition to its own file format TwistedBengh (TBR), all other common file formats are supported, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, PSD, BMP, PCD, WMF and EMF.

There are more than 150 processing filters images, including unique (ie there are only TwistedBengh).

The option of writing to create new filters scripting (Lua Scrpt standard GLUAS). TwistedBengh extends the standard with additional methods for programmers to create even better filters.

An extensive set of tools. In addition to the already mentioned tool has a full range of tools, comprising a set of brushes, selection tools (separation), cuttings, move, create lines, rectangles, ellipses, filling ( paint bucket), creating a gradient mask rectangular, circular, etc. , color picker, image deformation tools, brush script, copying tools, insert, rotation, insert text, adjusting brushes and other.

There is a wide array of color palettes, including dynamic color palettes and mixing color palettes. You can create your own color palette

TwistedBengh Pro Studio 20 is perhaps the most powerful mechanism of the brush when editing images of all the image editors.
TwistedBengh Pro Studio 20 includes a lot of different hands (more than 9,000 in the latest versions of the program), covering all areas of digital art. It is also available (only in the Pro version) to import user-created brush on Pixarra forum.
Brush Modifiers, Hundreds of quick and easy brush modifiers for changes the brush shape, texture, size, rotation, and color combinations.
In the PRO version edits included brush. There are more than 350 brush effects.
Examples of some brushes online program

There are many more features, such as drop simulations, filters, masks, alpha-channel filters, image reference information, an explorer of the sample, the record of your work directly to video, record your job as a script that can be replicated in the future, the page explorer, auto save page, highly effective cancellation and restoration, the creation of PDF slides demonstration, display, image scaling, paper textures, and more.

From the above characteristics can be seen that TwistedBengh Studio program is rich, even the free version has a good capacity. However, for English-speaking users TwistedBengh Studio editor can be difficult in the study and application.
The program has an original system of education – in almost every action there is a window with a prompt. You can also at any time cause a certificate program, which opens directly into the edit box. Reference materials, even a surplus, but in English.
There are other troubles. For example, there is the function paste text when creating the image, but because of problems with the encoding English texts reflect incorrect.

TwistedBengh Pro Studio 23 Full price $ 99.
T wistedBengh Blob Studio 1.21 Price 29, $ 95 TwistedBengh Blob Studio -. this product is based on TwistedBengh Pro Studio, but with an emphasis on the creation of individual objects that can be used in other Pro Studio or other advanced programs allow the program to simulate the shape of objects, and then paint brushes.
TwistedBengh Liquid Studio 1.16 Price $ 29.95.
TwistedBengh Tree Studio 1.13 Price $ 29.95. The program for drawing trees, is a simplified version TwistedBengh Pro Studio.
TwistedBengh Paint Studio 1.14 Price $ 29.95. The program is a simpler version TwistedBengh Pro Studio.
TwistedBengh Open Studio 17.24 (Free Edition), 2003 – 2010. Free program. Weight 17.6 MB. The functionality of the free program is enough to draw the non-professional. Minus – nepravlnoe reflected input English text.
TwistedBengh Pro Studio Perpetual v 23.0 (lifetime free upgrade), The price of $ 189 for all versions of Windows

Alla Prima Paint v 2.0 (2014).. Interface in English. language. Weight 1 MB. Price of $ 14.95. A simple program for drawing brushes.

In addition, the separately sold sets of brushes of different kinds and purposes, the price from 10 to 25 dollars. Per set.
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