Translation of audio into text online

Transfer audio to text online

Many users are looking for an easy way how to convert mp4 video or mp3 audio to text for free online. In turn, the extracted text from the audio can be directly translated into another language. For example, you find a video in English and you need to extract the text, in order to further translate it into another language. This also applies to conventional audio music, which can be translated into text for further translation into another language or other needs.

Also, examine one more important point is to translate the text in audio format and download it. Watch carefully every way as they are all unique to each user

  • Transkribatsiya -. A translation of audio and video information in the text
  • transcription – is a record of any characters, in this case, text, sound

Translate audio to text -. Transkribatsiya < / strong>

Google Translate

you will need a microphone. I will use your webcam as a microphone, because I have not a laptop and a desktop computer.

  1. Select the video or audio you want to remove, run it and put it on pause.
  2. Next, go to the Google translator https,//
  3. Select your language and click on the microphone button.
  4. < h3> Google Docs

    If the above method, we have a limit of 5,000 characters, we can take advantage of Google documents.

    1. Go to Googele Docs
    2. Click on the Tools tab and click Voice input .
    3. Microsoft Word online

      A similar way only in Word online. If you have a premium version, then clicking on the tab microphone, you can download the audio file in mp3 format.

      1. Visit the site of Microsoft Word
      2. Click on top of the icon Microphone and the recording will be started
      3. Translate text into audio -. transcription

        OneNote < / h3>

        we use OneNote, to convert text to audio speech. We can simply insert the ready text and voice his voice assistant. OneNote software built into Windows 10, which will allow us not to use third-party software and online services. Also, it is, and the online version. OneNote also features on mobile devices IOS and Android, but I will be an example to show for Windows 10.

        1. Type in the search start OneNote menu and run the application.
        2. Create sections in the left column, if it is needed.
        3. right write or paste the text you want to sound.
        4. Press the top of the immersive reader and the text will be made public.
        5. If you need to convert text to audio format to download audio file , then click on the Insert > Sound ( microphone icon ). After recording file format mp3 appear. Click on the right mouse button and select Save as . This allows you to save the audio file locally

          Yandex SpeechKit

          Yandex SpeechKit -. Online service for beta testing speech synthesis. You can also download voiced file to OGG format for listening to the players.

          1. Go to the service Yandex speechkit.
          2. Add the text you want in the left column.
          3. on the right you can adjust the voice speed, emotion and choose the assistant.
          4. click on synthesized speech , the text was transferred to the audio. < / li>
          5. If you need to download voiced text, then click on the competi download.
          6. Convert text to audio will be in the format .ogg.
          7. Any text to Voice

            Any text to Voice free UWP from Microsoft Store app that will translate text into audio and will save in mp3 format.

            1. Go to microsoft Store and install the application.
            2. Select the necessary assistant for voice. If the text is English, and the assistant must be English. The application takes the built-in voice acting in Windows 10. If you need the Arab, the input language setting in the Windows 10, set the desired Arabic.
            3. Clicking on the Save as audio You can save the file to the voiced mp3 format.