Time drinking water 10

Time to drink water 10.6.1

Time to drink water – the water receiving the application for the day, which will help you to bring back to normal water balance, to lose weight, cleanse the body and improve health

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Main features of application water, health and water balance for Android

you do not need to keep track of time – the application time to drink water will automatically remind you when to drink a glass of water!

  • The water will help relieve fatigue and stress
  • The water will cleanse your body and normalize fluid balance
  • water relieves headaches < / li>
  • Water is the basis of any professional diet
  • Water helps to lose weight, look better and stay in shape
  • Water prevents kidney stones

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With simple intuitive design Water Time Pro application is very easy to use. Customizable options will help you to easily fix the achieved results, and reminders to help get used to regularly drink clean water. Agree, many people simply lost the habit of doing it!