Messenger for PC

Messenger for PC

Messenger – the official app for Facebook, which allows the user to stay connected with loved ones. Set Messenger in English

Download Messenger on a computer -. Perfect solution for sociable people, with which you can correspond with friends and exchange messages. Unlike other sotsialok, the developers have upgraded their offspring -. Here is not necessarily a permanent connection to the Internet

As you know, most of the social networks are closely in contact. This is reflected, for example, that the laying out photos in a social networking site, you can always her to send to your other pages in the famous public servers.

The key feature of the social is, the user can send SMS to all your friends, contacts are crammed into a phone book. It is not necessary, so that they have pages on social networks.

In this application, you can create group chats and chat with a certain category of people, for example, at work, or to create a circle of interests and collect only playmates. Is a function of mass mailing.

Like other social networks, you can send and share music, photos and videos. All this will be stored in one place, along with the messages.

Like other similar programs, with the help of messenger you can call each other for free, using for this purpose traffic. If disconnecting the Internet you make calls or send SMS, then you will be charged cash, according to the chosen tariff plan operator.

functional application

The program Messenger to your computer, there are many tools to spice up any conversation. For example, instead of emoticons, you can send your friends a variety of stickers and labels. All, here they collected several dozen. They do not need to buy – they are free. The interface is simple and easy – you can simultaneously watch pictures, write messages and keep track of their wall»

Here there is a simple but very handy feature -. Sending voice messages. Their you can record directly into the conversation and to throw off a friend. This is very convenient when driving and driving and busy with other things.

If you wish, you can burn a dozen of its own clichés. For example, in a chat, you can send your voice greeting to all the friends and say goodbye to them. Also, it is necessary to point out a number of useful features such as the ability to view the time when sent and when the message is read.

If necessary, you can always send the already read and write your message in the chat to those friends who could not . present at the interview, but want to be aware of all cases

Pros and cons of the application

Messenger for Windows has a lot of positive features, among which it is worth noting the following,

  • this messenger developers have not forgotten about many of the standard features found in other similar programs. For example, you can run the geolocation. So you can quickly find customers online, and start a dialogue with them.
  • A simple and intuitive interface, allowing to perform several actions.
  • If you wish, you can always turn off notifications about calls and messages etc., even when the auto program. This feature is ideal for working people.
  • You can create group chats and conduct active conversation.
  • There are a variety of stickers, stickers and other tools to make communication fun and more interesting.

Many customers do not like the fact that the application is connected to the account phone number. Thus, with a negative balance, you will be able to continue to communicate only in the case of a wireless internet connection.

How to launch Messenger on a PC

To Messenger program for your PC safely run and function properly, you have to download BlueStacks emulator 3, with which you can open the mobile app on your computer. Installation diagram looks like this,

  1. Download and install the emulator
  2. Open it, and authorizing, enter your username and password from Google Play
  3. .. Once in the menu, you need into the search box to enter the full name of the program.
  4. Found? Now find the green Download button, click on it and wait until all processes are completed.
  5. After the completion of the installation process, you can use all functions of the application.

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    • WatsApp -. entertaining messenger, similar in functionality with the submitted program. Here you can also chat with your friends, whose number is in your phone book.

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    To summarize

    Download Messenger on the computer – ideal for sociable people. With this program you will be able to hold constructive talks with friends with the same interests, and his colleagues. Simply, group chat and start communication.