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old graphics card Radeon and Windows 7 (maybe useful to someone,))

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The old graphics card Radeon and Windows 7

The old graphics card ATI Radeon (9000, 9100, 9200, 9250, 8500, 7000, 7200, 7500) and Windows 7 (blue screen)

It has long been used to put on all computers , including the rather old, Windows 7. it is usually not observed any problems.
However, the other day there was a surprise when I tried to install Windows 7 on a computer with a video card ATI Radeon 9250. Installation course was successful, but the video card driver has been installed Windows standard, ie, without 3d-acceleration.

As it turned out the last driver out for this card in 2006 and normal official drivers for Windows 7 for this card, but there is only for graphics cards from the Radeon 9500, 9600, 9700 and 9800 support Pixel Shader v2.0.

However, you can download this video for the latest drivers for Windows XP AMD website (ATI) and manually install the driver from their staff on Windows 7, and the driver will even be successful work!
But unfortunately it is not possible to properly shut down or restart the computer, because every time this work will be completed in blue screen and then reboot the system and issuing reports of incorrect completion of the work.

Try to solve the problem of blue the screen can be as described here here here. This method has helped many, but I for some reason it did not work.

2. Then came a Device Manager. In the System Devices (System Devices) found VIA CPU to AGP Controller device. Depending on the specific model of the motherboard the device may be called a little differently, but in its name should be something like a CPU to AGP Controller. Find it.

3. Next, right click on the device and select Update Driver – Find and install drivers manually – select a driver from a list of device drivers – and on to the proposed list, select the driver PCI standard PCi to PCI bridge

7.. Let’s go back to the Device Manager, choose where our graphics card and click Update Driver – Find and install drivers manually – select a driver from a list of device drivers – Disk – Select the folder where we have our open archive and find there atiixpag.inf driver file set it despite all the warnings.

The described solution has to work with video RADEON 9200, RADEON 9250, RADEON 7000, RADEON 7200, RADEON 7500, RADEON 8500, RADEON 9000, RADEON 9100.

However, as I understand it in this video card works in a mode with a disabled AGP FastWrites. But no blue screens, that I was quite happy.