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There are more than 200 variants of the pyramids. To select a suitable layout in Mahjong need svaypnut on Android Left / Right in the corresponding menu before the party. Proposed options,

The more complex level, the more cards on the board. In the menu Alignment you can change the design of chips. The options are,

In Mahjong is statistics, elapsed time and the remaining chips on the field. The player has the opportunity to take advantage of free tips, the abolition of travel and maps stirring (the action of restriction – 3 times).

Mahjong for Android allows you to save the current game, if the user decides to close an application or start afresh assuming error <. / p>

Advantages and disadvantages

  1. Ability to customize the difficulty of the game, the type of layout and chips, background color.
  2. The variety in the choice of the party.

    The game mahjong for training attention and the development of thinking. There are increase / decrease the level of difficulty.