Create crossword puzzles online

Create crossword puzzles online

Crossword – small text puzzle quizzes are very popular in our country. They love them as teachers for diversity fixing process material, and the common people, for personal and leisure time killing. It is very convenient to create crossword puzzles using special online services, and that this method we consider in the article

Create crossword puzzles through online services

The process of creating a crossword puzzle is not so simple,. To choose theme, find the words and the questions to them as compact as possible to distribute the items on the grid. In this case, the greater will be the intersection of letters in the puzzle – the easier and more interesting it would be to solve. It is also important to good design, for example, placing on a sheet of a Microsoft Word document numbered grid with words and a list of questions for printing on paper. With all these problems coping specialized online resources for creating crossword puzzles.

These sites differ. Some make up a table automatically, while the latter allows to draw it manually. Some services include base terms and issues to them, while others offer the user make their own questions, while providing convenient tools for the selection of words. Next is the analysis of the most popular online services on drawing up a crossword puzzle with their main features and how to create text puzzles

Method 1,. Biouroki

Biouroki – this in itself is a set of tests and assignments biology in the form of games for children of school age. It has a very simple service to automatically create crossword puzzles, where practically no setup. Service allows you to quickly create a puzzle from a given word list, choose from a variety of generated meshes and save it as an image or a Word document.

Generate multiple options grids with a different arrangement of the elements from which you can select the appropriate one.

Click «Picture» , to save it as an image. Picture in PNG format saved in the folder browser downloads.

The image represents unfilled grid with numbering and transparent background. This is useful for posting on the site or in manual layout of a PDF or Word documents.

To download a Word document, click «Table» . The browser downloads folder to save the file with the extension DOC.

represents Document 2 variants mesh – empty and filled in a mark up tables. The same document is convenient to make a list of issues to improve the layout if it has gone off the page, or edit words in the grid.

Method 2, Factory crossword

This resource provides a very convenient set of tools for creating crossword puzzles for all tastes. With it, you can manually determine the position of the words in the table, automatically look up words required length from a huge list, and enter the definition directly in the interface of the site. There is a function to save the browser cookie, which will allow at any time to return to the interrupted editing the puzzle. This service allows you to carefully approach the creation of a crossword puzzle, to make it beautiful and symmetrical, like a newspaper or magazine.

    Click the link above to open the site Factory crosswords. Will display a grid to write words and step by step instructions to create a puzzle. You can resize edit fields, pressing the arrow keys.

    Enter the box to the right no more than 100 words, separated by spaces or commas. Adjust how the result should look like, beautiful, or more compact. Click «Finish» .

    This will create a crossword puzzle. If it includes not all the elements, you can try again to generate it by clicking on «Repeat» .

    It is possible to also draw a grid manually selecting the desired number of cells horizontally or vertically. You can then enter the word desired length, or select it from the list. When done, click «Take» .

    Next, you will need to enter the definition of the word. In this definition, you can add a picture, inserting the code, as shown in the abstract, and link to the picture in quotes after «src =» .

    In the same way, add the remaining elements. At the intersection with other words, the system will automatically suggest suitable options for writing.

    At any time you can edit the definition by clicking on the item and remove it.

    Ready Crossword available to save the corresponding button. The site will keep the result in the browser cookies, and offer a link to continue editing. In addition, a link will appear for clues puzzles directly on the site, which you can send to friends.

    After a clue crossword online site will show correctly and incorrectly filled letters and guess the word percentage.

    Following the first link on the page is saved, you will see the statistics-guess other people.

    To print the puzzle, click «Print» . Mark the necessary information, words, definitions, numbering and click «Show» .

    In a new tab will open print version. Send print is most convenient to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P

    You can also view the version for Word, by clicking the appropriate button and open the downloaded document.

    The document is in form exactly the same as the print version but with manual coding and editing.

    Method 3, References

    This website is a set of useful services to assist pupils and students in the creation of essays, reports and term papers. It also has a tool creating crossword puzzles with the help of an extensive database of words and definitions to them, spaced subjects and topics. Some functions are paid, but is automatically created crossword puzzles is not very presentable compared to other similar resources. However References -. The best choice for those who need to quickly create a crossword puzzle on a particular subject, without wasting time on manual compilation of questions

    Create a crossword puzzle from a database ready definitions and questions to them. To do this, please tick the appropriate item in the list, select the primary subject, and no more than three sub-themes. Select the required number of words, enter the captcha and click «Create crossword» .

    service will offer to get acquainted with the list of words and definitions. You can edit them in the appropriate input fields, as well as to exclude a word from the list or add new ones. Carefully read the list and click on the «Continue» .

    Generate table crossword. You can view it with the answers or without using the corresponding buttons, as well as hide the empty net.

    If you press the «Get links to insert into your blog or forum» at the top of the page, you will see HTML-code insertion to the site and bb-code for forums with and without answers. In addition, it will be possible to set a password on a crossword puzzle.

    The document will be filled and unfilled spreadsheet, and a list of definitions.

    On the Internet a lot of resources presented for creating crossword puzzles online. This article presents the most popular of them, with different sets of settings and tools that are suitable for different goals and objectives.