Cent Browser

Cent Browser


What’s New

  • Enable Autofill on the HTTP-pages.
  • increased speed scroll bookmarks organized in several columns. .
  • Restored the default behavior for the options Open all bookmarks.
  • Fixed a crash when using the gesture for mouse wheel.

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  • Update to version Chromium 86.0.4240.198
  • Optimize the new tab page for the dark mode
  • Press Ctrl to force the use of the built-in download manager for downloading
  • Hold down the Ctrl click the right or middle mouse button to open multiple URL-address
  • In Youtube shows the Skip button advertising at page full-screen mode
  • Support for hotkeys to function Close other tabs and others.
  • Support for installers for other users
  • In the list of supported boot loaders BitComet
  • Support for console commands – cb-disable-group-policy to disable the group policy
  • Added a menu command, password Export and Import passwords
  • Added a hot key Alt + Shift + I for the function K opy page as an image
  • Added bookmarking option insert a bookmark at the beginning of the folder
  • Added privacy option Disable bookmarks proposals in the address bar
  • Added privacy option Disable history from the address line
  • error Correction (English)
  • System requirements


    Detailed description

    Cent browser is an extended version of the Chromium web browser, and includes many useful features

    Among the additional features -. scrolling tabs, automatic memory optimization, lazy loading sessions, support for mouse gestures, super drag and drop, as well as flexible configuration of the tab bar. Cent Browser makes surfing the web easier, more convenient and safer.

    Opportunities Cent Browser

    • Based on the basis of Google Chrome , Cent Browser is built on the popular Chromium platform, and therefore inherits all the benefits of Google Chrome
    • Super drag, drag the left mouse button on the content for quick and easy opening
    • < li> memory Optimization, activate a single rendering process to reduce memory consumption and reducing the number of processes, lazy loading sessions and automatic cleaning of memory also improve the overall performance

    • Custom new tab, open any link or an image as a new tab
    • mouse Gesture, click and hold the right mouse button to execute commands without using the keyboard, menus and toolbars
    • Flexible tabs management, available Various options are available, double-tap to close the tab, right click to close the tab, button to hide the tab, switch tabs using the mouse wheel
    • Convenient Web Surfing, < / strong> small additional features such as Anti-Boss, the protection enshrined tabs, a rapid change in the search engine by using the context menu, copy link text makes surfing much more convenient,
    • Generator QR-code, generate QR-code for any links and continue viewing on a mobile device,
    • Scrolling tab bar, to adjust the minimum width of the tabs so that when you open a large number of tabs, they do not It was too small. Scroll through the tabs using the mouse wheel
    • Incognito mode for tabs, do not need to open a separate window, just use incognito mode tabs. Function can be used to authenticate in the same service with different user accounts
    • Auto-hide the bookmarks bar, your bookmarks bar is hidden when you move with her mouse
    • < strong> protect your privacy, enhanced protection of private data. Chromium Vulnerability found in very quickly rectified by the vendor.

    How to download Cent Browser