10 of the best Android-application for recording calls

Top 10 Android-application for recording phone calls

Some people like to record phone conversations for legal reasons and for security reasons. However, in many areas the practice is illegal. Therefore, before using one of these applications to find out – whether it is legal in your country

Android-application for recording phone calls have poor technical support, and on newer versions generally difficult to record calls.. But there are several ways to solve this problem. For example, many applications for call recording using the speakerphone, but then you have to always make calls via the speakerphone. There are other ways, but they require a complicated setup and insane amount of permits (thank you, Google).

Below I picked up the best Android-application for recording calls. Some applications can only run on the Android 8.0 and earlier versions, and some are even in the Android 9 and 10. If no supported version, so the app is available for Android 8.1 and below only.

Automatic call Recorder

This is one of the most popular Android-application for recording calls. Although the application has suffered greatly due to the change the rules of Google Play (With regard to restrictions on access to the call list), still it works. The application has integration with Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as other useful pieces. Pro-version adds even more features, but it is worth the money. Automatic Call Recorder works well, except for the trouble with the list of calls.

Automatic Call Recorder

An analogue of the previous application, but less popular. It has cool features, including automatic call recording, organizing, ability to write in a variety of audio codecs, and more. You can make backups to the cloud.

Blackbox Call Recorder

Blackbox has positioned itself as a professional application for recording calls. Along with the usual set of features, there are such advanced chips, as blocking applications, Bluetooth-headset support and two SIM-cards. It is leader in the number of options and more intuitive interface to all applications from this collection. Paid subscription for a month may scare.

Boldbeast Call Recorder

This is one of those apps that works flawlessly. If you do not believe, you can look rating on Google Play. It has the ability to record calls using a hot key. The application can be used as a normal voice recorder (if your suddenly broke). Boldbeast supports all phones on Android 8.1 (but not less than 5.0). On Android 9.0 only works with root-rights.

Call Recorder Automatic

The application works well, but to record both sides of a conversation you need to use your mobile phone to the speakerphone. It is simple and easy to use. You will be able to share their recordings or save for the future. Although many users of devices on the Android Pie complained of problems with a list of challenges and some of the limitations I have everything worked fine.

Cube Call Recorder

The application can record not only the usual phone calls, but and calls from Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram and others. It has most of the necessary functions. You can even select the contacts whose calls will be recorded automatically. Cube can be run on Android 10, but will have to tinker with the settings, as in the case of Boldbeast.

Otter Voice Notes

This service transkribator organizer and voice memo. You can listen to, organize and translate the text of your notes. In fact, the app does not record phone calls, but you can import a recording of conversations made in other applications. After installing Otter Voice Notes to your phone, you get a month free for 600 minutes transkribatsii. Then you need to buy a subscription.

Smart Recorder

In fact, it’s a simple recorder capable of recording phone calls. In it there is a cool feature that allows you to skip a pause when listening to the conversation. To make longer recordings, it is necessary to turn off the power save mode.

Smart Voice Recorder

Another recorder with some inclinations application to record calls. The program is free, but with ads that can not be disabled buying a subscription (because it simply does not). You can record the conversation using a variety of audio codecs and if necessary, send them to the cloud.

Voice Recorder

This is also a voice recorder with the ability to record calls. Among the interesting features can be distinguished setting variable bitrate and background recording. The cheapest voice recorder (all, by the way, is excellent) will be a good option if you want to kill two birds with one stone.