Webcam Surveyor 3

Webcam Surveyor 3.7.7 Build 1108 (2019) PC | RePack & Portable by elchupacabra

Version of the program , 3.3.5 Build 999
The official website , link
Language interface , English, English, and other
Treatment , not required (the installer is already disinfected)
Type of medicine , (patch pawel97)

System requirements ,
700 MHz Pentium IBM PC compatible computer (two nuclear computer to record video HD) 20 MB of free RAM (RAM).
5 MB of free space.
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 or later.
WDM (Windows Driver Model) compatible device (web camera or card to capture video)

Description ,.
Unleash the full potential of your webcam with Webcam Surveyor . With this program you can easily record videos, take pictures with his camera to record a sequence of images into a video file with a time interval from 1 second to 59 hours. Built-in motion detector allows you to watch svosim home or office in your absence, and the Motion Capture function (motion capture) will save your time and disk space by recording only frames with the motion. Webcam Surveyor also supports the latest video compression algorithm, such as DivX, Mpeg4, Mjpeg etc. The integrated file manager can arrange to take pictures and videos

Broadcast video and audio streams over Internet and local network -.. Webcam Surveyor allows broadcast streaming video over a local network and the Internet. With this feature, you can remotely monitor your home or office, production processes. To view the media streams, you can use Windows Media Player, VCL-player or other players

Video recording with sound -. Using advanced video compression algorithms Webcam Surveyor can produce a video recording with sound for several hours <. / p>

Capture image sequence – allows you to record images after a certain time interval as JPEG, PNG, BMP, or create a video in AVI format

motion Detectors -. makes it possible to configure different actions of the program, if motion is detected

motion capture (motion capture) -. used in conjunction with a motion detector allows you to record a video file, only those images in which motion is detected

Notification via e-mail -. if motion is detected, the program will send a message with attached photos

FTP notification -. Upload images to a remote server. Even if the recording is someone interrupted, and the files are deleted from your computer, you can always see who did it

Other alerts – if motion is detected then you can use other notifications,. Beep, start another program, opening a URL and a record sequence of images with an interval of time

Quiet mode -. makes it possible to hide the program on your computer and control it using the keyboard shortcuts. This will make a video in the presence of undesirable people or to find out what’s going on with your computer in your absence.

1. Combined in one distribution program installation or unpacking portable (PortableApps format) version of

4. Opportunity to pick and autocopying user customization file

For the Quiet setting a portable version of an additional key / PORTABLE = 1 (or file Unpacking portable.cmd)

Note. During the installation, you will be invited to visit the website of the author repack. Remove the check mark at will.