Super Worldbox torrent download

Super Worldbox download torrent

Super Worldbox a simulator of God in pixel form. Before you exciting sandbox where you can create the life and ensure its prosperity and development. The population of the Earth many creatures as competition accelerates the development. Observe and even interact with humans using natural elements. You can do whatever you want. Look, when the total seed turns into a developed civilization. Of course, it would take tens of thousands of years, but you are God, and you have time to fly much faster. Previously, this game was only on mobile platforms, but now you can download to your PC Super Worldbox torrent link below.

You can completely destroy the whole world. Do not create or hold your imagination. It is a kind of sandbox, try to observe the evolution of life. People this land living beings, wolves, humans, dwarves, and many others. Then you can try to build a powerful empire. The whole process is up to you. Super Mirboks offers unique opportunities. They can throw balls of fire on the ground, to cause the giant worms, organize bomb attacks and to arrest anyone. You can simulate various disaster that struck the heads of your departments. Choose what you are good and kind God, and perhaps not so much.

A huge world of pixels, which leaves the choice to play with the landscape, with flowers, trying to be original or not. Visually, the project looks good. The graphics are pretty bright and pleasant. There are places where you can not turn despair. If something goes wrong, you can always solve any situation. This magnificent sandpit has a rich set of tools with the right amount of free time that you like. To immerse yourself in this simulator you can simply download torrent Super Worldbox in English on your PC from this page.

In this game there is no action, purpose or special assignments. It is a sandbox, where you can be free and do what your heart desires. But that does not matter, is the fact that here you can feel like a god who does not need resources and research methods to build a nuclear bomb and should not study nature to withstand hurricanes or tornadoes on the planet. Take it and do whatever you want without any restrictions in general, the game is quite simple and is based solely on the choices that you have on your shoulders. You must take control of the planet and begin to animate it, doing what you want, and shaping the world as you want. In addition, you have an incredible amount of resources, creatures, plants and much more.

But the first thing to say is the living beings. The Super Worldbox there are dozens of different animals, humans, and other interesting creatures, and you can use them for different purposes. For example, they can get people to fight with each other, to reduce the impact of a giant worm flow of human civilization, or even invent something much more complicated.