Portable eng

Portable eng

Portable programs or Portable – is a portable program, or in other words, programs, games, utilities that do not require installation on the user’s computer. In the operating system, registry, file system, and if the changes are made, it is only at that time, yet operates a portable program. Once the software is disabled, all the changes that it has made are restored in their original form. This type of software works with any media, portable hard drive, flash drive or memory card, it does not matter. In this case, portable programs are not tied to any particular computer, operating system or its bit depth.

STAMP program (Stamp) Portable 1.51.R (32-64 bit) eng download

STAMP program or portable Stamp Portable, stop solution for creating thumbnails seals or stamps. Designed to create various forms of seals, stamps, Daters.

With the help of a portable program, you can get models stamp products. Fully prepared for the order for manufacturing. The program allows you to simplify the task of forming orders of stamp production. As for legal persons, individual entrepreneurs and individuals. This program has an extended catalog of stamp production. You can easily sort out what exactly happens when you order a stamp or seal. How they will look in the original. Already when they are made. So that the portable program will help to avoid unwanted missteps in the manufacture of print. Since you are creating what you need. And you can see right away how it will look printed

Main features of the portable version of the program,.

  • Oval print, three of their type
  • Print small diameters. Printer 60 prints R50 (50 mm), and others.
  • Triangular medical printing.
  • cream, plombiratory, relief printing.
  • Change in font size and line length print text.
  • Visualization protective mikrotekstovyh framework.
  • for more help on using the program.
  • Inserted templates Stamp stamps.
  • Ability to change ready-made templates.
  • Easy to control.
  • it does not require installation on your computer.

Portable software Stamp Portable, this is the same program. But works with any media. Most often, it is certainly an ordinary USB flash drive. Although it may be a hard drive. And in general, any carrier. And at the same time, a donkey and off the end of the work. Covershenno leaves no trace of his stay in the system.

The program for creation of stamps and seals, can be downloaded for free from file-sharing sites. Such as TurboBit, UpLoaded.net or NitroFlare.com. Links to which are located at the end of this review article

The name of the program,. Stamp (Stamp) Portable
Operating System, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32-64 bit)
Register and activate , no registration is required, Portable < br /> Language, English
Portable software, Apps
Size, 7.73 MB