Mobile e-commerce in 2019

Mobile e-commerce in 2019

The audience share on Android now accounts for 74% of the audience, but there are features specific audience segments, including their ability to pay, so we need to build on a particular problem. < / p>

Tasks in the mobile segment
Entrepreneurs want to adapt the mobile services,
• for online purchases within the classical e-commerce
• as an assistant for shopping offline <.. br /> • For non-standard situations, using an account in Instagram, consultations messengers, etc.

business Categories in which mCommerce – a mandatory thing,.
• where solutions are purchased spontaneously – accessories, products impulsive demand for clothing this also fits.
• Businesses that have a lot of potential mobile users. This, for example, garages and other auto services (tow trucks, cleaning), children’s products and services for children, moms do not always have time to sit down at the computer, the phone is always with you

There are several. approaches to work with the mobile audience.

Adaptive version of the website
Adaptive design and layout of the site – the fastest and cheapest way to test the mobile channel. Adaptive layout page design changes based on user behavior, platform, screen size and orientation of the device.
Mobile site visited by a large and variegated audience, loyal customers, potential customers, those who compare the company with other partners and so on. If the business is focused on the youth audience, it is possible that at first is necessary to make a mobile version, and then adapted to the desktop. After all, the same Instagram is designed to work only on mobile devices.

The benefits of adaptive site
1. The app needs to be downloaded and installed on the device, not all potential users is resolved.
2. According to statistics, Android is most common in Russia, and,
if you do iOS-only app, you can miss out on customers.
3. The cost and timing of development of adaptive site is less than that of a native mobile application.

The disadvantages of adaptive website works properly on mobile devices, but has low productivity, limited access to user data and smartphone resources, so how it works through the mobile browser.

The mobile app in the app as opposed to adaptive, you can use the camera, location, push-notification, microphone, easy to personalize the offer, we have a close interaction with the brand.
The performance of this solution is much higher, because the program uses the power of hardware directly, rather than through a browser. This is particularly important in applications with complex interfaces, animations and heavy graphics.

The application is focused primarily on the loyal audience that agrees not only to establish, but also regularly run the application. To do this, you need to think in advance about the benefits of such applications to your customers. It can be different kinds of services, the loyalty program, the status of the delivery status, selling points card function augmented reality in your stores offline

For more coverage, you can start with Android.. On Android accounted for 73.54% of the market. But we must take into account several factors,
• Perhaps a large share of your customers using iOS.
• iOS-app your competitors better than on Android.
• Your ideas are easier and cheaper to implement in iOS.