Download Magellan Pro

Download Magellan Pro

On 1.01.2004 entered into force the Federal Law On Communications N126-F3 from 07.07.2003, which, inter alia, in Article 53 Database of subscriber network operators written – information about the subscribers-citizens without their consent in writing may not be included in the data for information and reference services, and can not be used for the provision of reference and information services to other telecom operator or by third parties. Available to third parties information about the subscribers-citizens can be done only with the written consent of the subscriber, except as provided by federal laws.

Thus, the subscriber must in writing to file a declaration that he agrees to the use of its data in the directories and information services, such as service 09.

At the moment, not submitted any such application, the phone book should not suitably contain any entries.

Therefore, in the foreseeable future, support the phone book stops, registration codes will not be issued, update data will not be.


screen savers (screensavers)

screen savers, screensavers or made of landscape pictures by adding. SILVER water. ,) Made with the help of Water Illusion Studio. For Windows 95/98 / Me / 2000 / XP. Like a well-turned out, take.

1024×768, 723 kB
file kusa0403wp.scr

p. Ai at Linnet
1024×768, 785 KB
file kusa0409wp.scr

dispensary with 1024×768, 805 KB
file kusa0202wp. scr

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Library for FoxPro DOS ver. 2.6

For more than 10 years of work written a great number of programs, libraries and many other things, but working in an organization where a lot of very old 386 or 486 computers, decided to put this library for an old, but beloved FoxPro DOS 2.5-2.6. They work for many years and bring real benefits. If you have questions about using the library, write.

LVideo, 2.01

The library is written on Watcom C 8 and is intended only for use with DBMS FoxPro 2.6. Contains the following features,

  • Management Standard and Advanced mode video card with support for all text modes OEM and VESA 1.2, for all VGA-card supports such exotic text video modes like 80×30, 80×43, 80×50, 80×60, 132×25, 132×43, and many others.
  • Own Russification display and instant download any font character generator on the fly, without the screen blinking, no BIOS calls, recording straight to video.
  • a variety of graphic and text scrollers, and other nice looking visual effects that can be used as screensaver’y (screen savers)


for Library with voice functions Zyxel U-1496 series modems. He is currently working as a part of the district-level PBX software. It provides issuance of a certificate to the client about the status of his account. It looks like this, a customer calls to a specific number, he politely told that he had called in such a service, his phone number so and so, at the moment his account is in arrears (or credit) for communication services. rubles, itd. The phrase, which is issued to the client, is formed on the basis of his telephone number and the personal account. and may contain, in principle, the data and specifically for each service connection, all that is needed. It is also possible avtoobzvon clients-debtors with a warning about the need for timely payment of communication services. Powered by FOSSIL-driver (for example – X00)

Questions on the use of an example of the work program -. I beg soap. Answering machine program itself is small, but it is an integral part of the complex.