Download AutoRuns 13

Download AutoRuns 13.8

AutoRuns – a free utility from Sysinternals developers who have made a huge amount of office tools. This means, with the size of a little more than half a megabyte, allows you to view running processes in the operating system, as well as perform some operations management or editing. It is also important that the program displays running processes and services in the order in which they are run at startup Windows

AutoRuns -. It is convenient, fast and reliable tool in the work and, although the presence of a considerable number of controls and tabs can enter the novice user in a small stupor, still the basic operations can be performed very simply. Therefore, the use of this tool for beginners should be done with extreme caution. At the same time, IT-specialists and experienced users will appreciate the possibility of a new version of the program, which, by the way, for they did not need an introduction.

After opening the contents of the tab, we can see a list of all processes running on the system . Nearby column so you can see a brief description of the process, if any, the publisher, a running application, the file path. By clicking the right mouse button, the context menu offers to perform the commands that can be given in relation to the process or recording. Not particularly rich choice can help you make the removal of records, copy of the item, proceed to the folder where the file of the process or go into the registry editor, where the user can easily adjust the setting or create a new parameter and value. In addition to the above, it is possible to continue the search in the Internet through the Google search engine, or if there is a running application Process Explorer, continue work already in it. Even in the application, you can apply filters, there is a special feature that allows you to display a blank position to verify digital signatures, display, or, conversely, to conceal or Microsoft Windows entries.

In general, this description is intended for beginners, as the experienced users are likely to have long appreciated all the features of this product.