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Today, we look at three more interesting dialer, designed to significantly ease and without an easy life with a mobile device. Recall that in the last article we talked about Truedialer, True Phone and PixelPhone

At the time, the first subject almost overtaken by cycle leader functionality -. 2GIS Dialer, the second – proved to be positive on all sides, which is very rarely with applications on Google Play, as well, the third mate was the leader of the competition, offering the fastest way to call control and phone book. Today we’ll talk about is not quite normal dialer.

The first pilot will drupe, designed to maximally facilitate the handling of the dialer and phonebook. Here, incidentally, used a clever way to call control with one button. At least, that is how we can understand the developers. The second patient – ZenUI. As the name implies, this decision comes from the eponymous Taiwanese shell, and then pass this eminent companion does not. Well Done browsing old Contacts & Phone & Dialer, whom we examined at the time when we started to survey android-application.

As the test equipment used tablet DEXP Ursus 8EV2 3G (Android 4.4.2, CPU MT8382, 4 x Cortex-A7 1.3 GHz, graphics core Mali-400 MP2, 1 GB RAM, 4000 mAh battery, 3G-module, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n) and smartphone Homtom HT3 Pro (Android 5.1 Lollipop, processor MT6735P, 4 x Cortex-A53 1.0 GHz, 64-bit graphics core Mali-T720, 2GB of RAM, the battery 3000 mAh, 4G-module, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n).



Another one-handed solution designed to facilitate the work with the dialer and phonebook. Thus, all the contacts and messengers are collected in one place, available on all screens desktop. By the way, something like this is realized that my colleague surveyed the not so long ago.

Simply put, we have another innovation, which traditionally has its pluses and minuses, which we will now try to find.

  • Add / Edit events and send email to guests. messages without warning the calendar owner,
  • View your calendar events plus confidential information.
  • Find accounts on the device,
  • View contacts,
  • Change the contacts.
  • The exact location (based on GPS and network), < / li>
  • The approximate location (network-based).
  • Receive SMS,
  • Sending SMS-messages.
    • Make phone calls,
    • Get the data on the status of the phone,
    • call History Change,
    • Redirect outgoing calls,
    • View a call log.
    • Get the data on the status of the phone.
    • files without notice,
    • Get the data from the Internet,
    • Update statistics using components,
    • Create shortcut,
    • Run the device is switched < / li>
    • Display interface elements on top of other windows,
    • < li> Create accounts and set passwords,

    • Enable / disable synchronization,
    • Prevent device from sleeping mode,
    • View network connections,
    • < li> Changing the audio settings,

    • Change the system settings,
    • Unlimited access to the Internet.

    The first impression and the setting

    drupe meets our interactive greeting in English, which we popularly explain how this miracle of engineering to use. Yes, manage dialer really unusual. The fact is that after installing the program on the left side of the desktop (in fact on all screens) appear three vertical dots, which opens the program.

    What is interesting to call it is necessary to take a contact from the left side application and drag it to the bell icon. Everything! Of course, at first glance, this colorful and fun, but how easy it is to do when walking, not to be mistaken? I have not very comfortable.

    Thus, drupe collects all calls, SMS, contacts and data from social networks in one place, but this requires access to notifications. Well, do not mind, good in the hands of a smart phone, I bought specially for review.

    Your list of contacts is one of the most important things on your device. This is the place where you keep the contact information of people,. Their names, phone numbers and email addresses

    If you have any existing Google contacts are, they are likely to be added when you set up your phone or tablet. In addition, you can easily add contacts manually. To begin, open the app Contact .

    As the picture above, you can add a new contact by using the Add button contact (which is usually determined by the sign + or something like that). A list of fields in which you need to enter the name, phone number, email address, address, and so on.

    Sometimes, you can add contacts directly from other applications, for example, if someone sends you a message by email mail, you can save the address in the contact. To add the email address, click on the sender’s information. A dialog box opens where you can quickly add the person to your contact list.

    View and edit your contacts

    You will return to the contacts whenever you need to view or edit one of your contacts. Each version of the contacts application is different (for example, you might have a different icon), but some tasks are still versatile enough.

    To make a phone call or send a text, use your contacts list. There are two ways to use the contact information, you can start with the application Contact , or go directly to the application that you want to use

    to make a call or send a message To find a contact on. phone number, open the call log and enter the first few characters of a contact name or number on the keypad. You will see the corresponding list of contacts for which you select the desired contact.

    Contacts in your Android phone are starting to swell and become dirty, so you hope that Android manager to help you make the tedious work? or you have a long list of contacts and want to import them into the new Android phone, said Samsung Galaxy S5? I bet that you do not want to add contacts to your Android hand phone. Besides losing all your contacts on your Android phone is not fun. Therefore, back up your Android contacts before a disaster is a necessity. In these scenarios, a powerful Android contacts manager should be what you want.

    Part 1. The best contact manager for Android to manage contacts on the PC

    Import contacts from vCard, Outlook, Address Windows book, Windows Live Mail on an Android phone and vice versa. Create groups, add new contacts and edit your full contact details. Find and merge duplicate contacts on your Android phone easily. Delete contacts that you never want to save more in the packets. Synchronize your contacts in Facebook, Twitter, Google, and so on. d. on your phone Android.

    1 import / export contacts from your Android phone

    This contact manager for Android allows you to import or export contacts from your Android phone to easily

    Import Android Contacts,. information , then select Contacts in the left sidebar to open the contact management window. Click import > Import contacts from your computer > from a vCard file from a CSV-file from Outlook Express , with Outlook 2003/2007 . / 2010/2013/2016 , and from the address book Windows

    Export of Android contacts, click button in the main window information , then select Contacts in the left sidebar. In the contact management window. Select Export > Export selected contacts on your computer or export all contacts to a computer > vCard file in CSV-file , in the Outlook Express , Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 and Address book, Windows .

    2 merge duplicates the contacts on your phone and account

    Find duplicate too much in the phone’s address book and account? do not worry. This android contact manager software helps to find all duplicate contacts and merge them.

    Click Information> Contacts . Android contact control parameters show up in the top panel. Click merge and check the accounts and the memory of your phone where your contacts are stored. Click Next . Select a match type, and press button to combine selected

    3 to add, edit and delete your Android contacts

    Add contacts,. In the box contact management, click button to create a , to add a new contact to your phone

    Edit contact,. Double-click the contact that you want to edit, and edit the information contact information window

    Delete Contacts,. Select the contacts you want to delete, and then press the button Delete

    4 groups. contacts in the phone Android

    If you want to import the contacts to an existing account or group, simply drag them to the appropriate category listed in the sidebar. Otherwise, right-click to create a new group, and then drag contacts wanted it

    Part 2, Top 7 Android contact manager application

    ExDialer -. Dialer and contacts < / h2>

    ExDialer – dialer and contacts is an easy to use Android contact manager application. It is used mainly for a set of contacts handy.

    1. dial * he will contact you frequently use.
    2. dial #, Search any contact, you want.
    3. Long press the contacts icon at the bottom left corner to get quick access to favorites

    Note,. This is a trial version. You can use it for free for 7 days. Then you can buy the pro version.

    TouchPal Contacts

    DW contacts & phone dialer is a great Android address book management for business application. With it, you can search for contacts, view contact information, write notes, call logs, send contacts via email or SMS and set a ringtone. Other features provided by this application includes backup contacts vCard to recover easily, contacts, filtering by the contact group, job title, company contacts filtering, and more

    PixelPhone -. Dialer and contacts

    PixelPhone-dialer and contacts, amazing address book application for Android. With it, you can quickly search and view all your contacts on your Android phone with the help of ABC scroll and sort your contacts based on your need to make a habit of using the first name-last name or first. It supports smart T9 search through all fields in contacts and call history. As for the call history can sort it either by day or contacts, and you can set a time limit (3/7/14/28). There are other important features that may arise when using it.

    A truly smart dialers for too little. And the more free, so many users are forced to limit themselves to functions and to remain on standard solutions. But that all changed with the advent of – application developed by English developers, which was then acquired by Felink Technology

    PixelPhone -. It is not only the dialer, but also a full-fledged contact manager with support for a variety of topics, three SIM-cards, the technology anti-spam and many other interesting features. To thank customers who purchased PixelPhone Pro (and there are about half a million), the developers have released a time free version of this application. It contains almost all the features PixelPhone Pro

    In the English language the name of the application as adapted. ¬ęPP – dialer and contacts. First and foremost it is worth noting user-friendly interface and the ability to quickly search for contacts using T9 and QWERTY. Appearance adapted to each user, including font size, color, photo size, and more. In application settings you can choose different themes available to download for free

    As we have said, a very important function -. Support as much for three SIM-cards. The app automatically detects the installed SIM-card in the smart phone, and you can make calls with the one with whom you want. And, of course, without the support of black list has not been

    Special attention is given a group of contacts management -. It is possible, for example, to send a message to multiple contacts in the group, set the ring tone, change the photo. Custom gestures allow flip left to write a message or make a call.

    The set is not only multilingual but also accompanied by vibration / audio response, a set of keyboard size is regulated, there is a compressed digital keyboard. Of course, all calls are saved, including the date and contacts. PixelPhone automatically groups the most frequently used contacts

    By the way, attention also deserves PixelPhone Pro -. With an update that application received on July 21, users can record any of your calls, as well as to determine the location of the interlocutor