Bridge with a computer

Bridge with the computer

Welcome to the free online Bridge – to play the best to date simulation of Arkadium. Like most card games, Bridge trains memory, concentration, and ability to think strategically. Also helps to have a good time with friends, competing in luck and wit

Online game Bridge to the computer is free and safe,. Allowing you to play without registration, does not consider the data player does not oblige to watch ads and attract friends.

How to play the Bridge online

Computer Bridge simulates a real game for four players. Competition pair, the player in front of you are against the team from the 2 rivals. First deck surrenders without reserve, 13 cards in his hands.

After the distribution of the participants of traded in turn exposing the cards at stake. The player with the highest bid determines the trump suit (or game without suit). Next is assigned the contract, how many bribes, together with a partner (seven or more) undertakes to collect each pair. You can say pass or assign objectives. An important point – the subsequent appointment be sure to exceed prior or on the level, or at the suit

Online game Bridge traditionally takes into account the seniority of colors from junior, Phillips ♣ and of diamonds ♦, to senior, worms ♥ and peak ♠. . So with the first pick in the application 2 ♦ 2 ♥ can assign, 2 ♠, 2 BC, as well as all-purpose level 3 and above. In this case, the number N next to the suits – hence the obligation to pick up N + 6, at the declared trump tricks. Contra application to the Bridge – means an obligation not to give opponents to fulfill the stated purpose for the number of bribes

On the drawing stage in the bridge of each of the four players in turn puts the card on the table, forming a bribe.. Trump is not necessary. The result of the draw is determined by the number of tricks for each pair.

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The game continues until the set number of points claimed one of the pairs. Successfully played online Bridge contract (when a set number of tricks is not less than ordered) is awarded points depending on the seniority of the suit. If the majority of the cards defined trump Jr. (clubs or diamonds, also known as minors), the prize is valued at 20 points for a bribe. Senior hearts and spades ( majors) bring to 30 points

notrump contract valued differently,. First bribe of 40 points, the rest of the play-guard 30. When the couple is not scored the declared number of tricks (to plant in the Bridge) , awarded to the opponents – by 50 points for every shortfall

We hope you enjoy playing Bridge online, the apparent complexity of the rules is very reckless, interesting and strategic game.. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments. Successful party!