13 Best WordPress Plugins to create a calculator

13 Best WordPress Plugins to create a calculator

Create a calculator for WordPress can every web developer average. However, to maintain the health and security, online calculator wordpress have to constantly refine, correct mistakes and adjust for changes in the platform itself. WordPress – a popular content management system with a variety of plug-ins, among which there are different payment system. When using the plug-in is fast and easy to install and configure WordPress calculator, the value of this approach will be lower than the cost of building its own system, in some cases, it will be zero.

The WordPress shop is represented by a large number of calculators. Let us examine the most popular and user-friendly.

Calculated Fields Form

Using Calculated Fields Form can be configured to calculate the shape of many simple and complex calculators. The plug supports a plurality of types and dynamic fields. Expansion options are wide,

  • automatic results and field
  • complex calculations on many pages
  • many types of data used
  • < li> work with dates

  • opportunities mathematical calculations
  • there are no restrictions on the number of used fields.

can be created using CFF various calculators to calculate the ideal body weight and caloric intake, the cost of services and interest on loans and deposits, construction calculator, wordpress, using well-chosen plug-in can be transformed into a flexible tool that meets many users.


This plugin is in the top of the popularity of the use. WordPress value calculator allows you to add a function for calculating a simple connection to the site yet. uCalc can output ready, pre-configured units on any page, without having to manually edit code.

The plugin is arranged to visually edit and change the text blocks. Also includes widgets, whether radio buttons, sliders, date and time, drop-down lists, and more. Of the main new features are the flexible setting of various color elements and design, pre-configured templates, the ability to form applications and send the results to users, adapted to the different design of the device. In additions it is possible to update the data in real time data changes. This and much more have made this plugin so popular.

Ez Form Calculator

This addition has the ability to visually enter the location of the form editor. The plugin allows you to use the basic components of the form, select the flags, switches, and lists the date, each value in the form gets its name, which is used to automate the calculation. Calculator for WordPress, created with the help of ez Form Calculator, an intuitive editor settings, it will use it even novice saytostroitelyam.

Also in the plugin’s capabilities include the creation of valuation and advanced contact form. With it, you can export the results of the calculations in the popular PDF, or send them by e-mail.


Another plug-in calculator for WordPress and other content management systems from English developers.

This is an online service to create calculators, and a simple box on any page of the site, using shortcode. Designing forms like working with CAD programs directions. To know the basics of the frontend programming has the ability to manually edit and add CSS-styles and the logic in JavaScript. For simplicity, the interaction is possible to connect Telegram-bots and bot Skype.

to write the constructor to take part in the competition engsiandevcup. Developers have created the opportunity to design not only calculators, but also a set of other, equally necessary forms.

The easiest way to use a calculator on Calccreator code insertion, leading to the project site, but the calculator code can buy and configure it to work on the site independently, which gives some additional flexibility, but also imposes restrictions on the updates that are released now.

CT Mortgage Calculator

With the help of CT Mortgage Calculator easily you can add a loan calculator to your website . To calculate the plugin uses JavaScript, which frees the server from excessive loads and reduces the cost of ownership. The extension has a good compatibility with other WordPress plugins for conducting activities in the field of real estate services. The widget is easy to use and allows you to add it to the sidebar, and set the name of the window and the value of the currency of calculation and the symbols used.

This plugin, in a convenient form, shows the advance payment for the object, its initial and final prices , interest rate and loan term in years. The project is licensed under an open source, anyone versed in programming, can modify or extend the functionality to suit your needs if you need account only mortgage, the CT Mortgage Calculator is exactly what you need.

WooPrice Calculator

  • use up to five changeable elements,
  • a single theme,
  • variable values ​​stored in variables,
  • dynamic change of the price of goods.

The plugin used on the pages of online stores for price changes as you select different characteristics of the goods. Configuring the plugin is very intuitive and does not require administrator-depth knowledge in the field of site building. Each property of the selected item is assigned to a variable, its value in the future be used to dynamically update prices. The user can change the values ​​of variables using the form elements, and observe the change in prices in real-time.

This plugin is an extension of WooCommerce and has paid and free versions. The paid version adds many features. The Pro version added export formulas from spreadsheets popular formats, changes in customer values ​​in the basket, with the results of a number of fields, in addition to the price and a number of useful changes. In the basic version -. The use of a calculator to a number of products and categories, to prescribe the formula for calculating prices and other basic features

WP Calc

WP Calc features easy operation and configuration. to create the calculator formula is enough to set and customize the appearance of the widget. The plugin also has a paid and free versions. The paid version adds the ability to use more styles that work unlimited formulas to save the e-mail addresses, and much more. Is inserted into a plug by means of a simple code, and is compatible with many extensions of e-commerce.

  • the construction and repair,
  • the operation with interest,
  • conversion values,
  • science,
  • food and health,
  • calculations related to the landscape unit.

WooCommerce measurement Price Calculator

This plugin is the ideal solution for stores built on templates WooComerce, providing services for the sale of construction materials and interior items, measured by area or volume. While the ability to measure the number of pieces present.

The expansion allows you to add a calculator for production measured in the amount based on the dimensions, weight and volume of the area. You can output the price per unit of packaging, based on the quantity of goods in it, and the number of required packages to meet the needs of the user.

  • the calculation of the final price on the basis of known volume in the package < / li>
  • different measurement systems,
  • build rates based on various characteristics, area, volume, weight,
  • mapping unit price and packaging,
  • < li> inventory management,

  • weight calculation for the delivery on the basis of available data,
  • the calculation of area and volume by entering measurements,
  • setting step change in the number. < / li>

two kinds of calculator can be created on the basis of the plugin. One is based on the unit of goods sold, the value of the second user receives the necessary materials.

Product Options and Price Calculation Formulas for WooCommerce

The plugin with lots of features create a calculator, based on the user settings. Pricing can be based on any mathematical formulas.

Custom parameters are added using a full-featured, intuitive visual formula editor.

Setting a visual display allows you to configure multi-column parameters of output format, setting custom colors , explanatory text, custom fields, and more.

After you add the additional parameters, the user will be able to customize the characteristics of the goods according to specified parameters in accordance with the requests.

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce < / h2>

The expansion allows you to change the price of the product, focusing on the customer’s location and the country. Also expands the functionality of WooCommerce plugin, adding multicurrency feature. This plugin is trusted by thousands of users around the world, which proves its simplicity and efficiency.

On the basis of the country and local currency, are the price band, the number of which is not limited. For each zone, set the price at this price can be set manually in each currency or select automatic recalculation, based on the exchange rate of.

One of the features that made the plugin is so popular around the world, the ability to configure receive payments different currencies without conversion, thus saving on the commission payment gateways in the exchange of the currency of payment to the seller’s currency.

The ability to customize the display of the currency symbol will add the website attractive, and auto-update rates, the administrator will make the job easier and more efficient. After changing the country when placing the order, the account currency will be automatically changed according to the user settings.

The plugin works with a large number of multi-currency payment gateway have won the trust of many sellers. And support discount cards plugins implemented at a high level.

Time Zone Calculator

This is a simple-to-use plug-in that does not use a large amount of resources. Extension allows you to display the time in the time zone of the site visitor. This function is in demand at many international sites, such as when displaying the service desk time. Also, the function will be useful for sites of tourist destinations, allowing you to customize the display of the difference in a place of rest and permanent residence user.

The admin interface has a simple interface, most of the settings in the usual dragging items with the mouse. The developers have taken care of backward compatibility with earlier versions of WordPress and additional plug-ins.

Finance Calculator

This plugin allows you to make payments of the current financial condition of the client. All calculations are based on AJAX technology. This allows you to display results in real time.

The plugin calculates the actual financial situation of the client, payments and interest on loans, income from contributions and investments. Built-in forms have the ability to send the results of calculation to the entered email address mail user.

The amount of time used in the calculation is limited from one to five years in increments of one month. The undoubted advantage is the open source code of the plugin.

Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form

The calculations made by the plugin, based on all the data based on the timing and amount of variables. Easy to use in the calculation of payments and fixed commission loans to pay, recurring payments, as well as savings deposits with replenishment.

  • The size of not more than 5kb,
  • < li> Ability to select currency,

  • Easy, depreciation, fixed and compound interest,
  • sliders tuning over a wide range.

differences between the paid version allows you to add application forms and answering machine, the possibility of external processing of input parameters and results, adding more flexibility to customize the appearance of the widget.


plugins, adds the ability to calculate, wordpress provides in large amounts. Without a doubt, insert a calculator to the website increases the interest of the user, improves the user experience and attracts customers.

Some add-ons are available free of charge as open source, and in a limited functionality or laden display advertising. In any case, you can pick up the plugin for free or buy a professional version with advanced functionality.

Most of the extensions are flexible configuration and is suitable for various activities. Choose the right, we can satisfy the most demanding customer.