ISpy 7

iSpy + (for XP)

Basic Information about the program

iSpy – it’s quite an interesting solution that makes it possible to ensure the safety of your home or office. It is interesting because it does not require any additional equipment besides the usual microphone and webcam. The program automatically detects and records all movements and sounds in the monitored area and sends reports via email or SMS-message. It should be noted that the e-mail attachment iSpy is making a picture or video segment. In addition, the program allows you to obtain an image from a remote camera in real time.

One copy of the application works with multiple computers. You can also enable automatic video recording start when the program detects an unnatural sound to the room. program sensitivity can be adjusted. This feature is necessary in order to iSpy not be regarded, for example, fluctuation in the wind curtains or swinging pendulum as a superfluous movement. The app can be password protected, to hide all entries and pictures from prying eyes.