Download Motorola iDEN USB GSM Modem

Download Motorola iDEN USB GSM Modem

This device is a GSM / GPRS modem connected to the computer via USB. Using this modem can access the Internet at speeds up to 115,200 kbit / s or use it as a part of a central remote surveillance (CSC) for receiving alarm messages and phone calls and sending of control messages from the GSM subscriber signaling block. In general scope can be any.
Driving device,

The scheme of the device consists of a chip USB RS232 FT232 converter company FTDI, performing computer communication with GSM / GPRS module SIM300C company Simcom, and microcontroller Atmega8L firm Atmel, to control the power of the GSM module or configure. Availability legs microcontroller with appropriate adjustment program, allows to realize a simple apparatus for this GSM signaling or remote control devices via a GSM channel.
Initially SIM300C module supply planned to carry out through the USB bus, but because at the moment the current consumption can transfer up to 2 A, we had to put the battery, which in turn allowed us to use the modem as a standalone device.
LED VD2 displays the operation status such as connection to a computer, the state of the GSM network, network registration Cards, SIM Cards error, funds falling below the threshold.
Electronic keys DD3 performed handoff SIM300C module to a computer or microcontroller

Resistors -. smd size 0805.
tantalum capacitor C6 can be replaced by an electrolyte with the same nominal value and the voltage is not less than 6.3 V. remaining capacitors – smd size 0805.
diode VD1 can be replaced by any other voltage drop 0.6. 0.7 V. The diode VD3 can be replaced by any other Schottky diode with a voltage drop of not more than 0.5 V.
transistor VT1 can be any alphabetic index.
LED VD2 can be replaced by any other two-color or put two separate LEDs.
chip DD2 can be replaced by AT93C56 or AT93C66.
BT1 Battery can be replaced by higher-capacity battery.

An example of setting is considered for Windows XP 32bit operating system. If you have another operating system, information on the installation and the drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.
Before connecting to a computer, take out SIM300C module and disconnect the battery.
Unzip driver USB-RS232-driver.rar in a separate folder. Connect the device to your computer. Seeing a new device, the operating system will ask you to specify the folder with the driver, point to the extracted folder. The next step is go to the extracted folder and run FTD2XXST.EXE program that allows you to program the chip eeprom. When you first launch the program will display the following window,

The following fields will need to complete,
Manufacturer (manufacturer), FTDI.
Manufacturer ID (manufacturer ID), FT.
Vendor ID (vendor ID), 0403.
Product ID (Product ID), 6001.
Description (description), USB GSM / GPRS modem.
After filling in all fields, will be an active button, clicking on it will open a window,

By default, the flags should be installed Plug and Play (automatic detection of devices), and < b> Remote Wakeup (the output of the low-power mode).
Setting the flag Fixed Serial Number allows you to assign the device a permanent serial number, but it should be remembered that units with the same number can not be connected to a computer.
flag Self Powered reserve not established, since the device is not powered from its source and from the USB bus.
In the Max Power (mA) (the maximum current drawn by the device) list the value of 490 mA.
Back in the main window and put a checkmark in the line FT232BM / FT245BM . There will be an additional few lines, in which it is necessary to put the flags Enable Serial Number and Int Pull-Down Enable .

Click on the button Save to save your settings, then click on the Program button to save the entered data in eeprom converter. It remains to restart the operating system of the computer.
After recording the data in memory DD2 need to flash MCU file GSM_GPRS_modem.hex , for that you disconnect your modem from your computer, connect the battery, connect the programmer with the help CodeVisionAVR program or other sewn file.
For Internet access you need to install the modem driver Samsung_GPRS_MODEM.rar .

When the device is disconnected from the computer module and a microcontroller SIM300C Atmega8L are in the Sleep (sleep) mode and the total current consumption of the battery is about 50 uA. When connecting the device to a computer through a leg 32 (PD2) microcontroller interrupt occurs, in which the microcontroller wakes up and makes SIM300C module activation sequence, its set-up and registration to the GSM network and then switches the unit to a computer. This process lasts for 10-15 seconds and VD2 LED lights up red. Then red LED illumination VD2 changes to flashing green with sparse spacing somewhere 4 sec. If flashing green parts, this means that the modem is not (or not yet) registered in the network or not the SIM card. It is worth remembering that if you connect the Internet often LED blinks green. Additionally, when you install Internet connections every half hour there is the state of the subscriber’s account verification, and reducing the latter below a predetermined threshold, the LED VD2 often begins to blink red. To activate check the balance needed in the SIM card with your phone to record the number of the following form, * NNN # bb # , where NNN – the number check the balance of the operator of the SIM card, bb – balance value at which the display, the value ranges from 10 to 99, and keep the number with the name number . balance check function may not work with some operators.
To disable the modem enough to disconnect it from the computer, the VD2 LED will turn red and will disconnect from the GSM network and the proper shutdown SIM300C module.