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Control – third person shooter, in which you take control over the heroine, possessing telekinetic abilities. The main plot tells the story of how Jesse Feyden arrived in an old house, to find his brother. Her relative was kidnapped for 17 years before happened in Ordinariume significant events.

In the game you will explore linear location and kill the enemies. At your disposal will be a gun directors and special skills. The gun can also be converted into a variety of forms in which it will have a unique precision, power, shooting mode and other features.

At locations can detect objects and resources through which you can improve the gun. If the firearm is not an option to get the player can use supernormal Jesse. It can create a shield around itself from the surrounding debris, or throw objects at high speed in the direction of the enemies to kill them.

telekinetic abilities can also be improved by acquiring forces Objects. They can be obtained by performing a secondary task, or exploring the hidden location and viewing the entire game world. You can pump up to such a level that the heroine will be able to levitate in the air. Gameplay is less linear than the previous games, and users will have more opportunities to explore and locate the hidden field.