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Changed is focused on furry fans. In the story the main character wakes up in a laboratory. The building walking monsters that are capable of one-touch turn a man into an anthropomorphic animals deprived of reason. The guy wants to get out into the wild. During his adventures, he finds out what happened to the world outside, where there were all these beings. Well acquainted with the protagonist reasonable Pourrat monster, whose people are admired, and change its appearance scientist that wants to save mankind.

And the history of 5 finals. Many here considered bad ending. Itself Changed represents adventure. Gameplay consists of a dialogue with the characters escape from the monsters, solve puzzles, evading obstacles, drag and drop objects. Sometimes the gameplay diluted scenes with QTE. The protagonist is absolutely defenseless against the enemy. In addition, it can not carry any objects. Enemies are divided into different types. To effectively run away from a particular foe, it is necessary to study its behavior.

Before you start allow choose from several levels of difficulty. However, passage of the campaign on easy breaks off in the middle, and the default will lead to a bad end. To see all of the content required to master the game on Normal. This title is passed in about 6-8 hours.