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Do not approach the standard developer decided to show in his play Flat-Line in terms of information flow and the opportunities that are available to us. Will reveal the unusual crime that happened in the entertainment Kids Dome complex. Missing person by the name of Peter Douglas and nobody could find him. We play the role of chief investigator Michaels Georgia. We trust this important job because Georgia has some connection with the place, but our hero is not known. There are hidden various secrets and their need will be even uncover throughout the game. It is possible that the problem will be very dangerous, and we can even meet ghosts.

Gameplay Flat-Line

As always, our character is sent to investigate the night to find out what is wrong with this place . Children’s dome (so-called institution) is filled with slot machines, tables for the celebration and various fun toys, among which there is even animatronics. Each movable object can be a threat, especially if he has a limb. Our heroine gets in and starts to get the room to find any clues. Eventually, the detective enters the room control and in this place will hold all night, protected from any hazards.

In addition to survival in a certain place there are many useful lessons that I will do. The developer decided not to stop on the curb Player capabilities and therefore have several independent tasks and locations in which the detective falls alternately. Each time have to fear for the health of the protagonist and to protect him from possible danger. It comes from the robots and this should be ready.

Features FNaF parody

Since our problem is not limited to being in the same room and survival over a certain period of time, then get bored not succeed. Our character can get the room and look around yourself. With the help of hot keys that are displayed on the screen, we can change the position step by step. This is not freedom of movement, but it’s still expanding the range of activities. Portion control is done by mouse – is to activate the backlight switch between camera surveillance, search and use of important subjects, wrapping and more

Some of the playing time is devoted to classic survival in conditions similar to what is happening. in FNaF – guard office and several entrances. There is also a reference to FNaF 4 with its child survival in a house with ghosts and monsters. All actions are intertwined and form a coherent story in which we need to understand and do not be the next victim of the lost.

Separately want to mention animatronics model. They are not copied from other parodies or with the original game, and made his own the author of Flat-Line. Even the already well-known and popular robots are a new look, including Chick, Freddie, Balloon Battle, or even Mangla Cupcake. The unusual appearance and mysterious story, inspired by the events FNaF – this is what we can expect from the game. It is designed for computers and can be downloaded by you in the form at the link below the archive.