Download Classic Menu for Excel 2007

Download Classic Menu for Excel 2007

The main differences from the already laid out Portable version,
size in 2 times less ability to save files created in any location on the hard disk, cut and are not included in kit,
Groove, Infopath, OneNote, Publisher, Outlook, some fonts (hieroglyphic basically), .NET support in Excel and Word is fully disabled (still does not work in any portable)
are not supported by all types of OLE calls (communication with other programs), but most of the work
Everything else including assistance, recognition means and spell checking (English-English-it-Ukrainian) included there. [311 mb]

I have to regularly make relatively complex structure documents (lawyer I). For several years I use 2007 (still a beta version). At first it was a bit unusual and irritable. But then a real pleasure.

Access to heap functions is faster and more convenient. Why should only the formatting of lists. I want them to be formatted as standard, after the number of needed space, not a tab. In 2003, to achieve this was torture exists.

Much better was run auto-format when you insert text that format. So very pleased ribbon. And many many others. Those for whom the production of complex documents daily work, will appreciate.

Note that, I think, for most people are fairly open office (OpenOffice), even 2003rd superfluous.

tell me, please, Portable-version is plain, but the stripped-down version? Or, eg., It runs from a USB drive?

Autglyuki in vain, of course, cut. This thing is very useful as an organizer. Yes, and for synchronization with communicators like nothing better while not (sorry, that only one device it can be prisobachit). For the rest, I agree, I, too, these components are not necessary.

Please tell me, why stop getting RSS news? Only now I discovered that the folder is empty, and with them, it seems, for a long time.