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Bassli ne

Beyslayn (English bassline.) – the kind of music is closely associated with the British geridzhem that occurred from AIDS geridzha, and borrowed the structure in grime and dubstep in particular orientation of these styles to a powerful bass line. Beyslayna year of origin is considered to be 2002 minutes, and home to the small English town of Sheffield.

History beyslayna began with a raid on a police Niche club in Sheffield, where this music allegedly took drugs and freely engaged in violence. History has received a wide response, and in the public eye since beyslayn (and grime) looks musical culture-related criminal activities.

Beyslayn focuses on the intricate, repeating pattern of bass, but unlike the grime and dubstep, usually falls within the dimension of 4 by 4, resemblance to house music. Basically, beyslayn – is instrumental music, but the vocals here can be borrowed from the classical gerridzha (accelerated and distorted samples rhythm and blues). Most of the tracks are recorded at a speed of 135-142 beats per minute.

Beyslayn gained popularity and got on the radio in many ways because it was originally addressed to both sexes, in contrast to the grime and dubstep, which are considered an exclusively male music. Beyslayna lyrics often center around love perepity that towards the female half of the audience. In addition, many beyslayn-producers are not afraid of flirting with pop aesthetics.

At this stage there are no bright stars, but a number of producers in the narrow circles have cult status. Among them, DJ Q, Wideboys, DJ EZ, T2, Serious Danger.