Comodo Antivieng free download full version

Comodo Antivieng download free full version

Comodo Antivieng -. Free reliable antivirus software with complete protection against viruses and malware

In contrast to many analogues, Comodo Anti-Virus provides complete protection without cutting functionality and temporary work periods. Decent product with a large number of awards allows you to scan drivers and files, to detect suspicious objects and report on viral dynamics.

Proactive intelligent application recognizes the typical behavior of malicious components, intercepts unknown threats, and detected pests transmits . antivirus imprisonment and experts for consideration in Safelist


  • protection for your PC with the increase of its efficiency,
  • prevention of malware and viruses implementation ,
  • speed cloud scanning,
  • the definition of suspicious files,
  • protection of all devices,
  • insulation malware,
  • configuring scheduled scans,
  • behavior change antivirus,
  • activation only secure applications,
  • «cleansing» of viruses on the disc and in the registry < / li>
  • identification of a safe system status of the file cloud white list.

tool interface is intuitive, easy to familiarize with easy tab settings personalization processes running diagnostics with a single click and disable bored promotional interventions.

We evaluated the reliability and product performance, so we can safely recommend Comodo Antivieng free download the full version.